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Technical monuments

Kada ň Želina hydroelectric plant

The town of Kadaň started building the power plant in 1905. It was completed in 1908. Two double Francis water turbines, each with the output of 294 kW propelling the two generators, were placed in two horizontal impeller chambers.


"Střelnice” (Shooting range) distribution transformer station

The primary function of this small transformer station built in 1908 was to supply and secure the adjacent Střelnice (Shooting range) cultural house.


"Viaduct” distribution transformer station (Skalni Street)

The station was built for the distribution of alternating current with a voltage of 3 x 5,000 V and 3 x 220 V.


"Diesel” town power plant and substation

The town power plant was built in 1913 as an auxiliary source of electricity during a shortage of water in the Ohre River.

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