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Bike rental in Kadaň

Do you want to ride a bicycle path from Kadaň to Klášterec nad Ohří but you don´t own a bicycle? Never mind! There is a new BIKE RENTAL in the town – in the Tourist Information Centre in the street Jana Švermy 7. You can rent a bike for a day, or even up to a week!

Now you can explore all the wonderful places of interest in our area using the newly built bicycle paths. Rent a bike in the Tourist Infromation Centre Kadaň and discover the beautiful parks, historic sites, mysterious nooks and beautiful historical center of the city!

There are six bikes from which you can choose – 4 for adults and 2 for children. We will also provide you with all the necessary accessories such as children´s bicycle seats for children up to 25 kg, helmet, bike lock and bicycle bag. You will also get an additional FREE map of Kadaň and its surroundings.

Tourist Information Centre Kadaň also supports the websit CYKLISTEVITANI.CZ, so we can offer you a lot of bicycle materials about Kadaň and close wide area.

Forma uveřejněných informací je v souladu se zákonem č.64/2008 Sb., vyhláška o přístupnosti.

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