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History of Royal Town Kadaň

The Royal Town of Kadaň

The Royal Town of Kadaň

Kadaň, a town of 18 000 residents, is located in the region where the Ohře River frees itself from the clenches of the Krušné and Doupovské mountains. The Ohře played a pivotal role in the process of settlement. Archeological findings show that people first settled here in the very distant past, about 16 000 years ago. In the fourth century BC, Celtic tribes arrived, bringing with them the La Téne culture. Legend has it that it was the Celts who founded the first settlement in the local basin, under the name ¨Kad An¨ or,, blazing fire¨. The first Slavs came into the Poohří area in the sixth century AD.

Around 1259, Kadaň was granted the status of an independent royal burgh and by 1277, its castle was serving as headquarters for the Kadaň regional burgrave. The heyday of the medieval town of Kadaň was under the reign of the Emperor Charles IV., who, in 1366, granted the city the right to absolute autonomy. During his first stay in Kadaň, on May 29. 1367, he granted citizens the right to hold an annual market on the day of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. During his second stay, on September 8, 1374, he permitted citizens to plant vineyards around the city, as was done by the citizens of Prague.

Charles’s son and successor, Wenceslas IV (1378 – 1419) affirmed the privileges his father had granted and allowed the Kadaň burgrave to retain regional judiciary authority. In the spring of 1421, the city was taken over by Prague and became part of the Prague City Association. Around September 8, 1421, the armies of the second Hussite crusade attacked Kadaň, Kadaň residents bravely defended themselves, but the crusaders´ numbers were overpowering.

The second half of the 15th century was subject to significant influence by the Lobkovic family. Beginning with his appointment as chief administrator (hejtman) on August 10, 1469, Jan Hasištejnský of Lobkovice became Lord of Kadaň for almost 50 years. The Franciscan cloister was built thanks to his magnificence, and he is buried at the cloister.

Kadaň, this oldest of Royal cities, would like to introduce itself to you, our esteemed visitors, as a modern, pleasant, hospitable city, and one which is the destination for a number of business partners and travel agencies.

Kadaň is one of those lucky towns which, by virtue of their geographical position present their residents with a wide range of varied sport activities. The slopes of Krušné Mountain on one side and the wide surface of Nechranická Přehradní Nádrž on the other provide for all-round sporting pleasure. It’s also thanks to this that Kadaň is home to scores of sport clubs, associations and organizations. There are clubs for the most popular sports, such as ice hockey, football (including ,,little¨ football ), alongside new sports, e. g., floor ball, which has attracted a number of fans among the local youth.

The Ohře River, which flows through Kadaň , is utilized for water sports. Nechranická Vodní Nádrž is a reservoir which provides ideal conditions for windsurfing , and those who love to swim can pay a visit to the Kadaň swimming pool or enjoy the beautiful environs of the Prunéřov swimming pool or the natural swimming pool at Na Hradci. Ski lovers head for the ski resorts Na Klínovci and Boží Dar in winter mounths. The city also provides a number of sport facilities for its sports-oriented citizen’s right in the middle of town throughout the course of the course of the year. These consist primarily of gymnasiums and playgrounds operating next to primary schools, the football stadium complex, winter stadium complex, swimming pool, land-hockey playground, playgrounds for foot netball (nohejball) , softball and ,,little¨ football. A big role is also played by the tennis club complex with its indoor tennis hall. Fitness centers also enjoy great popularity.

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