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Nechranice water reservoir

Nechranice water reservoir


The Nechanice water reservoir, with its area of 1,300 ha, is the sixth largest dam in the Czech Republic and also the longest rock-fill dam in Central Europe (3,280 m). The Nechranice water works are situated in northern Bohemia in the Chomutov district. The water reservoir was built on the Ohře River from 1961-1968 between the historical towns of Kadaň, Chomutov and Žatec.

This reservoir has especially served as a source of water for nearby power plants in Tušimice. It is now also used for recreation, being especially suitable for fishing and water sports. Its southern bank in the Vikletice locality currently offers 7 camping facilities with the possibility of accommodation in bungalows and huts, in own tents and caravans. The following villages ceased to exists because of the construction and flooding: Běšice, Chotěnice, Černíky, Dolany, Drahonice, Lomazice.

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