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Town Hall at No. 1

Town Hall at No. 1


The town hall has functioned as the seat of municipal autonomy since the mid-14th century. Its building, a former three-nave market place, is situated in the corner of the square and one of the main streets. It was converted for the needs of the town hall after a fire in 1362. The preserved Gothic vaulted ground floor area is today used by the Josef Liesler Gallery. Both facades of the town hall, opening to the square and street, are in the Baroque style from the 18th century with later additions. The (Gothic) tower, with a height of 53.7 metres, is without a doubt the dominating feature of the town hall. Its main part was established before 1402, when the oriel chapel that still adorns the first floor tower today was mentioned for the first time. The tower was adjusted and completed by Petr Hündt at the beginning of the 16th century. Stone artefacts, the brick gallery and helmets provided with terracotta crabs on the edges originate from this phase of building. The builder placed his original treatise autograph on the tower walkway – a statue of a dog.

This unique tower was completely restored in 1996. A particularly demanding part of the reconstruction was made on the truss, which was suffering from dry rot. The facade has also been repaired. Over the course of time, the operation was expanded to the upper floors of two adjacent houses on the square. The closest is the House at the Sun with a renaissance portal decorated by columns and floral motifs. The second house is a Gothic palace with arcade and bay window. The arches of the arcade and the bay window decoration date back to around 1400. The house was rebuilt in the Renaissance style in the course of the 16th century as the measuring (mázhauz) house with the commemorative plaque on the bay window. A number of other houses also bear the traces of the Middle Ages.

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